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عن عائشة أمُّ المؤمنين، رضي الله عنها وأرضاها، قالت:
قلتُ يا رسولَ اللهِ ! أرأيتَ إن علِمتُ  أي ليلةٍ  ليلةَ القدرِ ما أقولُ فيها ؟ ! قال : قُولي اللَّهمَّ إنَّك عفُوٌّ تُحبُّ العفوَ ، فاعْفُ عنِّي 󾭖


Once you’ve finished attempting to answer the questions of life, you will notice new questions will arise. Instead, learn to accept what befalls you. Know it is better for you. And repeat: “Allah has decreed (this) and He does whatever He wills.” Abu Hurayrah reports that the Prophet said, “The strong believer is more loved by Allah than the weak believer, but in both there is good. Be zealous for what will benefit you. Seek help from Allah the Mighty and Majestic and do not become incapacitated. If something afflicts you, do not say: “If only I had done such and such” but say, “Allah has decreed (this) and He does whatever He wills.” Indeed saying “if” opens up the doorway of Shaytaan’s handiwork.” [Muslim] Once this is firmly believed, all questions will disappear, and all answers will be staring right back at you. The choice is yours. So accept what befalls you. Know that acceptance is the first step to success. Being in denial will set you back and confuse you. Indeed, Allah gives whats best for us, but we are impatient and ignorant. Embrace each difficulty with belief in Allah. Everything good is from Allah and anything bad from myself.

A reminder that nobody is more trustworthy than Allah.. Always prioritise Allah above all others. He will  appreciate you the most and will never let you down. Allah has never left you up until today, do not forget that. Remember Allah, Trust the Almighty.

We’ve gone through some really rough roads but we’re still together and his true personality finally showed aaaaaaand I guess each day I love him more. Even he always messes around make stupid jokes of himself but I love him. Even if he still wears his red pants ahahahaha. .And yep of course we fight and stuff but there’s something that we both have that never will split us apart. Because he’s always there to brighten up my day. He’s my best listener, my bestfriend, he’s the one I knw I can count on, he’s my love of my life, he’s my boyfriend. He’s mine.



― Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl